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Welcome to our side of the story.

1,98,000 Sq cm creatives of ours carried by Leading Newspapers across india

Our campaigns have adorned 36,000 outdoor sites running up to 22.2 lacs sq ft of outdoor space.

We have put countless man hours to brand over 45 Lac sq ft across 200+ Events.

Have captivated over 10 Lac seconds of air time on leading radio channels.

We are connected to over 20 Lac people through our clients, partners and Social media networks.

One of our favorite words in the dictionary is the word ‘Approach’. According to Oxford, it not only means a certain way of dealing with a situation or a problem, but also taking the first step towards a proposal or a problem.
Since efficiency and accuracy are the words we swear by, we are looking at a convenient and accurate scientific data management; thereby changing the way real estate is approached by developers all over the country. In this time of advanced technology, we aim to be the harbinger of the change that is required to approach the leads, sales and marketing budget, in the real estate industry of India.
Gone are the days when developers relied on speculations, ‘Approach’ promises logical data inferences through scientific data management, accumulation and segregation. ‘Approach’ is a product co-owned by Goinit and Infini Systems. Having working closely with the Real Estate Industry, they saw the need for a robust sales lead management CRM and thus, ‘Approach’ was born.

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